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Benefits of an Outdoor Living Space

As spring begins, homeowners turn their attention to the outside and start getting their yards in shape. Your landscaping tasks include: mowing, trimming trees, edging, and planting flowers or bushes. After the landscaping of your yard is complete, how can you fully enjoy your newly manicured yard?

You can enjoy your yard by creating an area for you to sit, relax and entertain your friends. The outdoor living space will allow you to enhance your landscaping and home. There are several options to choose from to create an outdoor living space. Some of the most common options include patios, a fireplace or fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, a gazebo or an outdoor sitting area.



One of the most common outdoor living spaces is the patio. The materials for the patio can include concrete, brick, stone or wood. You may have your landscaper design a flat patio or one with elevations. As you begin designing your patio, you need to discuss features to include in this outdoor space. Some features you may want to consider are fountains, ponds, storage areas, coverings and cooking areas.

The patio you create can entertain your family and friends. When you entertain, you need furniture and light. Arrange the furniture to make the space functional and relaxing. If you add chairs and couches along with a table to sit outside, you can create a usable space. You may also decide to add a hammock to the patio to help you relax when you are outside.


Fireplaces and Fire Pits

The next feature you may want to consider adding to your outdoor living space is a fireplace or fire pit. If you choose the fireplace option, you can have it built from brick or stone. There are many different styles and shapes for the fireplace. The shape may be more of a box-like design similar to a traditional fireplace in your home. Another common shape for the outdoor fireplace is a more rounded one.

The next feature is a fire pit. The fire pit size is another factor you need to consider in the design. A smaller pit may consist of metal framing and a bowl for burning. The smaller pit is movable. If you are looking for something larger, you can have your designer create a stationary fire pit with stone or concrete. With either choice, you can go modern or rustic.

With the fireplace or fire pit, you will want to accessorize your space with chairs, couches and tables that surround it. The furniture style should complement the design of the fireplace or fire pit. The placement of the furniture will help you create a cozy atmosphere that will help you and your friends relax and enjoy the outdoors.


Outdoor Kitchens

Entertaining has never been easier outside. The enjoyable view of your newly landscaped yard coupled with an outdoor kitchen gives you more reasons to stay outside. By adding the fully functional kitchen, you can cook under the sun or moon. The outdoor kitchen is generally made from stone and brick. The kitchen is durable and has everything that you use in your indoor kitchen.

The fully functional kitchen will have running water and working appliances. You may choose to add storage spaces for cookware and dishes or a bar-top counter with chairs. The bar-top counter and chairs allow you and your friends to hang out while preparing the meal.


Outdoor Spaces with a Television

Family time is precious! What better way to spend quality time with the family than to watch television on your new outdoor patio. The stone or brick foundation sets the rustic scene. A television inside the stone or brick wall looks almost like a movie theater.

When you design your outdoor space with a television, you will want to make sure the television is for outdoor use. The outdoor television can withstand water and the changes in the weather. Having an outdoor television is like going to an outdoor movie theater.


A Gazebo

If you have a smaller outdoor space, you may opt to go for a smaller design option. The smaller option is creating a gazebo. The gazebo design allows people to utilize their outdoor space and provide a relaxing area for you and your guests.


For more information on landscaping ideas or how to create your outside space, contact Granite Ridge Lawn and Landscaping.


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