​About Granite Ridge | Granite Ridge Lawn and Landscape

​About Granite Ridge

At Granite Ridge, we never lose sight of our goal: to install and maintain the highest quality, long lasting landscape and hardscapes. From seeding lawns to building retaining walls, designing and constructing brick patios and outdoor living spaces, we install only the highest quality products. Our policy is to test products before using them to be sure of their ability to withstand Wisconsin’s diverse climate.

We never stop learning. And by keeping up-to-date on technology, processes and innovative problem solving, we bring that expertise home to you.

Our specialties include:

  • Landscape Design and Installation
  • Lawn and Landscape Management
  • Irrigation and Watering Specialties
  • Outdoor Living Space Design and Construction
  • Brick Paver Installation and Maintenance

Our Mission

“Going green” has become a catch-word in recent years. But, here at Granite Ridge, we take our green very seriously. We adhere to environmentally safe practices such as:

  • Reducing waste through mulching and recycling
  • Reducing our use of chemicals and pesticides
  • Using organic fertilizers when possible
  • Using recycled and/or biodegradable plant containers

Native plants are part of our landscape designs whenever possible. This not only reduces transportation costs, but also ensures better adaptation to your particular landscape.

Our fleet’s impact on the environment is also a concern. We keep our equipment in excellent condition, thereby reducing use of petroleum products and emissions.